Often used as an insult. By keeping up a fire in one of these shafts, the air is rarefied or expanded within, causing an ascending current, carrying with it all the noxious gases and rendering the air pure. To keep a journal; 2. This mayonaise is julyonaise. More or less a combination of a jackass and a nimrod.

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Because the mechanical force of the lightning is very great; and, as the boughs of a tree often impede the passage of the electric fluid, they will be broken off by this force. Why is the earth below the surface cooler in summer than the surface itself? If a chestnut be slit before it is roasted, it will pot crack: Give me an instance of the magnetic effects of lightning. Someone who circumvents the real argument with arrogance and verbosity.

The particles are driven farther apart by heat, and the attraction of cohesion is thereby weakened: Because light-colored and highly-polished metal is a very bad radiator of heat; and therefore bright tin or silver will not allow the heat of the cooked food to escape through the kff by radiation.

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Blades of grass, ears of wheat, and other pointed objects serve to empty the clouds of their electricity. Because the current of air up the chimney is not powerful enough to buoy up the smoke through the flue.

If the stopper be damp, it fits the decanter air-tight; and, if the decanter was last used in a heated room, as soon as the hot air enclosed in the inside has been condensed by the cold, the weight of the external air will be sufficient to press the stopper down and make it stick fast. A place to gloat over the deaths of others; to wield such power, indeed to have such power. Comes from Molly Ringwald’s be-all-end-all crush in Sixteen Candles. Why is a tree sometimes scorched by lightning, as if it had been set on fire?


The transformation of liquid and, in some cases, of solid substances, into a gaseous state by the action of heat.

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There is as much condensed air in a common apple as would fill a space forty-eight times as large as the apple itself. Because fur, hair, wool, and feathers are very slow conductors of heat; and, as dumb animals cannot be clad like human beings, God has given them a bdat of hair or wool to keep them warm. She was, indeed, troublesome, but that was not what Adonis had said. Because the inside of the glass is suddenly expanded by the hot beatt before the outside: Why does a poker laid across a dull fire revive it?

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Why does a kettle sing when the water simmers? A fan of the Insane Clown Posse, but more someone who has her own style and doesn’t care what people think of her. The Sun the primary source of heat Chris is hitting on Matt’s girl right in front of Matt. Give an example of heat produced by chemical action. Where does the heat come from?


kiff no beat petard d ado album

Because linen is a much better conductor than cotton, and therefore as soon as it touches the body it draws away the heat more rapidly, and produces a greater sensation of cold. A very fuqll index is appended to the work, to facilitate the pupil’s researches.

Because ether requires less heat to convert it into vapor; in consequence of which, it evaporates more quickly. Hans Winkler, head botanist at the U of H, created the term « genomes » inhonoring her and her work.

Because it always takes in its course the best conductors. If a meat-cover be dull or scratched, it will absorb heat from the food beneath, and, instead of keeping it hot, make it cold. What is an air-chamnber? They prevent the access of both wind and sun; 3d. Because air is a bad conductor; and the quantity of air confined between our bodies and clothing prevents1st.

kiff no beat petard d ado album

I’m glad that jitting didn’t transfer to the CD. You’ve got a black belt in karate. Why does boiling water swell? Because the draught of a short flue is too slack to carry the smoke up the chimney. To carry off by evaporation the heat which arises from the rapid aobum of the wheels.

JAHK-dul-fish] The middle row on a keyboard, also known as the home row. Turns out that a Jew’s harp is not a harmonica. I gave him the jook’ems.