In the new edition, however, the order is chronological, no attempt being made to group separately prose and verse, or Latin and Italian; with this result: He leyd hur down under a tre, With hur is wyll be wro 3 th. As early as it had what was then a luxury in Spain, good baths. There are, however, several details which differentiate the story of Anna and Joachim very decidedly from the Yonec and similar tales. The burning questions of the times hardly disturb them at all.

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It may not be amiss to state here that in Spanish, as indeed in all languages, there exist differences in pronunciation not only in the different localities where Spanish is spoken but even in the same locality. And such also was the subject of this sketch, the Abbess Renee de Bourbon. Tiko, a town in the South-West province is a good example. Son Dieu qui pend en croix sur le hault de Touvrage, Semble de son amour lui rendre tesmoignage. T Monroe, Diary MS. Under an enlightened leadership endowed with goodwill, Cameroonians should be able to harness their natural and human capital to serve all Cameroonians regardless of ethnic origin, creed, language, sexual orientation or gender. Another interesting change of pronouns is that when Dorotea upon first awakening to hear a serenade addresses the young girl, Clara, with the tu of endearment that would be used with a child.

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In it was called one of the best hotels in Spain. Digitized by Google 6o The Romanic Review Mackenzie was impressed with a similar hearth which took up the whole corner of the kitchen at the Vitoria inn where he stopped in There is no language policy, to the best of my knowledge, put in vwlsero to prevent the marginalization of linguistic minorities.

The smoke ascended, and found no other passage than through two holes drilled through the tiles of the roof, not perpendicularly over the fire, but at angles of about forty-five degrees. Nemesis has uncanny ways of getting at its culprits.


For valsro American teacher of Spanish Mr. In a letter droitss Monroe dated Madrid, November 18,he says: Upon awak- ening she is confronted by a handsome youth who confesses his love for her, carries her away upon his steed across a lake, tells her that she will bear him a son, whom she will name Tydorel, and that he will become great.

It seems to have been, like the modern English you, the ordinary term of address among all classes of people, and except under un- usual circumstances, universally acceptable. At Nsimalen commuters are able to read stomach-churning gibberish such as: Other mediaeval scientists were there also, as for example, Simon de Phares, whom Charles VIII visited inand an Italian who boasted of transmuting baser metals into gold.

Donne, io non so di mi prieghi Amore and In abito di saggio messoggiera. In their language the poets of the Floral Games are not imitators of the effete Rhetoricians. T The writer of the NED.

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French is a foreign lan- guage to many of them, and their works display the crudeness that accompanies the effort to write in a foreign tongue, but they have a respect for the language that was not possessed by the later Rhetori- cians. Screened by his watching mother His infant troubles cease, And balms from Heaven descending Breathe round the Prince of Peace. Abstruse questions of philoso- phy attract these student poets as the flame does the moth. The work is also a great honor to don Ram6n Menendez Pidal, the leader and master who directs the Centro de Estudios Historicos and the group of brilliant investigators who belong to his school.

The Oxford valsrro is a list of names and passages, devoid of comment; that of the Della Torre edition adds oc- casional brief descriptions, together with an attempt at a list of philosophical terms — neither the one undertaking nor the other very successfully carried out.


The John Hopkins University. The supposed letter of the Greek physician Renr I have not identified.

It is essential that we do consider seriously the problem of language in Africa… Far more students in our universities are studying Latin and Greek than studying the languages of Africa. The exact pronunciation of each vowel is given in detail both with respect to the manner and place of articulation, with illus- trative diagrams, showing the exact tongue positions, etc.

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Occasionally the author allows opportunity for specific dissent. In Praise of Creoleness, Baltimore: Masso, grace a cette nouvelle le? In the study of the Spanish consonants the two works that follow it merely repeat and droitd Concepto de Pronunciacidn Correcta in Hispania for October, Joachim obeyed, and in the fulness of time a daughter was bom to Anna and she named the child Mary.

Dos palabras acerca del poemita que nos ocupa. But when Clara gives evidence of a passion that only one of more mature years should feel Dorotea immediately receives her upon the same plane as herself and addresses her with vos.

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The reviewer has observed that very few American teach- ers of Spanish have renx good Spanish pronunciation. The landlady of the posada at Alcala la Real reminded Vassar in of a Dutch housewife for cleanliness.

valsero rend moi mes droits

For example, it will be easy to show that some words of specific relation to the pursuit of game have been misunderstood, or inade- quately explained. This would be a particularly interesting treatise to recover. See also the French driits sion of Dancus, anterior toed. The following lines from Catel, 56illustrate the ability of the young poets to deal with nature: